Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Power of the Story

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of chatting to some young people about how their life has changed since to coming into a relationship with God and getting involved at Church. It was amazing to listen to their stories and also see the passion in which they were telling them.

I realised, while talking to them, that there is so much power in a story especially when it is a true story about someones life and for some reason these stories have the biggest impact on us, I can see the evidence of this when I look back over the past 16 months of LIFE: people were silent when listening to someone sharing their story, people always remind me of the preach I did about "Little Liam" and people are always asking if they can share there story!

At LIFE we really value the Power of Stories which is why we want to make a book about it! We are going to write a book as a Youth group, this book will be made up of our stories of our lives. I am so excited and passion about this: I believe it will help strengthen us as a youth group, will remind us of what God has done through us over the past 16 months and hopefully will encourage others all over the world.

So here is the plan:
  • If you want to be in it write your testimony down on an A5 sheet of paper, feel free to be creative with how you write it and how it looks
  • If you don't know what to write try answering these questions: What was life like before God? How was your first encounter with God? and How is life different now?
  • Then send your story to liam.parker@kerith.co.uk and we will take it from there

I know some of you will be sitting there now saying "but my story is boring" and wont want to write one because of this reason but if you do that then you are a silly billy! Because when God changes lives it can never be boring.