Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Are you serious about becoming more like Jesus?

Do you actually want to grow in God or are you happy staying as you are? Are you willing to pay any price to learn more about God? Are you willing to travel anywhere just to get one step closer to being more like Jesus? Are you serious about becoming more like Jesus?

If the answer is yes and you are willing to do anything to become more like Jesus and grow in your relationship with him then look at the points below. I promise that if you take your relationship with God seriously your life will never be the same again.

Be truly honest and open with someone: To move forward in your faith you need to realise where you are starting from. I strongly recommend being honest and open with someone and not just anyone, pick someone who you respect because of their faith and relationship with God. When you have found someone answer the questions above with them and do your best to be as open and honest as possible. Remember the more open you are the faster you grow.

Memorise your Bible: This is simple but so effective! Getting the word of God inside of you is essential to growth. This is the primary way that God speaks to his church, so if you want to know God's opinion on something or if you want to know what he thinks about you, then read your Bible. Don't just read your Bible, memorise it! Memorising your Bible helps it to become easily accessible for you to use. If the devil is attacking you then you can go to your memory and say aloud 2 Thess 2:7, if you are doubting whether God is there you can remember Hebrews 13:5. Simple but effective.

Show God you mean business: Sometimes I think it is helpful to do something a little bit crazy just to show God that you mean business about changing the world, this happens all over the Bible just read 2 Samuel 6 - David dances around in his underwear just to praise God! I think it is healthy if we do something that is sacrificially crazy because it helps us take big steps in our faith. Why not try fasting, or staying awake a whole night just to pray or join the 6am prayer meeting, why not give all the money you have away, talk to a stranger about Jesus or outrageously bless someone with like an Ipad or something! If you want to show God you are serious about growing put yourself in sacrificial places in which you need to fully rely on him.

These are just three ways that can help you grow and to be honest there are loads of ways to help you grow in God. I listed these three because these have helped me the most in my life. Being open and honest with someone is so refreshing for me and I always leave those kind of meetings feeling so clean and refreshed. Memorising scripture has helped me so much in many areas of my life, it helps me evangelise, prophecy and to know who I am called to be. I have also had the most amazing God moments while doing something crazy like praying the for the whole night or trying to raise dead people.

We must continue to be proactive about growing in God, this world needs Jesus and we need to be serious about making him known.