Tuesday, 22 February 2011

People listen to lies

While I was in the shower enjoying the warmth of the water and doing that fun thing where you put your fingers in your ears and close eyes and then let the water run on the top of your head because in sounds all echo-ey and cool, God spoke to me.

Throughout the day I had been having conversations that all seemed to be negative and hurtful. What was worse about these conversations was that at the time the things that were said don't seem like a big deal but I know from experience that sometimes you need to take certain words captive to guard your heart - Because form your heart flows the springs of life (Pro 4:23)

The words in these conversations revealed the true nature of what the person I was speaking with was really feeling I know this- Because the mouth speaks what the heart is full of (Luke 6:45). The phrases and words that these people were using showed that the heart was screaming things like: "I am not good enough", " I am not attractive enough", "I have no place here", " Who am I", "I'm broken", "I'm lost, "Does anyone love me". These lies come from all over and we are pretty much fighting against them all day. Lies come others, the world, the devil and most commonly ourselves.

These revelations into the human heart upset me and I decided to take the query and upset back to Jesus to see what he had to say about the matter. Of course Jesus having the sense of humour that he does doesn't tell me in my personal devotion time or whilst I am reading the Bible and he doesn't even tell me while I am chatting to men and women who are further along their spiritual journey then me, no! He tells me while I am having a shower. Very funny Jesus! we get it your omnipresent. Whilst Jesus was showing off he decided to tell/remind me that... "People listen to lies!"... after hearing those words I totally understood everything about those conversations. We listen to lies! lies about ourselves, lies about who we are, lies about promises made to us and lies about God and his character.

I then figured out that lies are constantly going to be around us and there isn't much we can do about that but we can, as Proverbs nicely puts it, guard our hearts! every time we have a lie pop into our head that says "were not good enough" or "God isn't strong enough" we need to say no to that lie in Jesus name before it sinks down into our heart. This discipline is important. If we fail to do it then as Luke says our words will speak what is in our heart.

If we allow lies to sink into our heart then lies will come out of our mouth.