Thursday, 9 June 2011

20 things I learnt while in California

Over the past 8 days I have had the privilege of traveling to Chicago and California on a missions trip with Sola Osinoiki. Over the 8 days we visited 6 churches. We ministered to the pretty much anyone we met by praying, prophesying and encouraging them we sat down with leaders helping them with some strategic planning but also spent time out on the streets chatting to strangers and trying our best to show them the love of Jesus. I decided to write down a few things I learnt while on this 8 day adventure so that you can get a flavour of how this trip has impacted me.

1) When Sola says he is going to prophesy, you want to shut up and listen.
2) Reflectiveness has just as much importance as work.
3) American pancakes are better then English ones.
4) Having a loving Family is so important, so complicated and so amazing all at the same time.
5) Relationships are key.
6) God has bigger plans for my life then I do.
7) American chocolate sucks.
8) I have a lot to learn about being humble
9) Sola is a remarkable person and has a world wide impact for Jesus.
10) I can stand up on a surf board.
11) That spiritual dancing can actually add to a worship set.
12) This generation needs to be way more submissive and respectful to the generation above, especially in England.
13) I really do love our youth group.
14) That having a good team is vital to anything you do.
15) All Americans have great teeth.
16) I am a lot more materialistic then I thought.
17) Effectiveness is more important then fame.
18) Where the Beach Boys used to hang out.
19) Kiera Reitzin is the coolest/cutest girl in California and possibly the world.
20) That God and I have a great relationship.

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  1. Hey, what about the coolest guy in California and possibly the world, Jacob Reitzin! :)