Monday, 21 June 2010


The distance between the Earth and the Sun is 93,000,000 miles. This is mind-blowing stuff, I use the term mind-blowing because are minds/imagination/brain can't truly comprehend this level of greatness or magnitude so to help this information blow your mind let me put it like this. If you travel at 70mph it would take you 1,328,571 hours to reach the sun which equates to 55,357 days or 152 years! Kaboooom! (That's the noise of your mind blowing)

The sun is the closest star to Earth the next star in line is a star called "Proxima Centauri" the distance to PC is about 4.3 light years, did your mind just blow?... Nah mine neither, 4.3 light years means nothing to me, let me put it like this. If you grab a piece of paper and the thickness of that paper represents the 93,000,000 miles between earth and sun then you would need to stack up enough paper to reach 22 meters high to represent the distance between the Earth and PC! Kaboom!

The furthest star we know about is called GJ 682, this star is about 16.3 light years away from the earth. Your stack of paper would need to reach 88 meters high to represent that distance! I will let you do the math to figure out how many miles that will be.

In the Bible it says that God can measure the universe with the size of his hand! How big must God be?! Kaboooooooom!

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  1. AH!! my mind blew up lol

    brilliant stuff :p

    Jesus is big essentially... very very very very very very (to the power of 4,599,728) very big...