Friday, 27 August 2010


Apparently around 5,000 text messages are sent in the UK every second!

We love to communicate, it is a natural instinct in humans to want to connect with other people. God actual gave us this desire so that we would be motivated to seek him out and find a relationship/ connection with him.

Being a Christian means that a big part of your life is communicating the truth of Jesus in your culture and setting. We need to learn how to do this properly and effectively To do that we need to look at the example of Jesus and how he communicates. I have listed below the main ways that Jesus communicated to people, read it and start trying to apply one of his methods into your life and see if makes you more effective at spreading the truth of Jesus:

Telling Stories - Luke 10:25-37
Repetition - Luke 15
Humour - Matt 7:3 (Apparently this is Jesus being funny, lol)
Being Visual - Matt 18:1-4
Shock Tactics - John 6:53 and Matt 23:33
Extended metaphors - John 15
Asking questions - Mark 10:19

Interestingly Jesus was asked 183 questions according to the bible and only directly answered 3 of them! with the rest he would answer back with a question which lead to Jesus asking 283 questions. Looks like he wanted to start a debate not end one.

Lastly and most importantly he lived it. Jesus lived out what he believed and that is the real key to communication. If we say we believe something we have to live it out. If you say you believe in Jesus you must show how it affects your life otherwise people will see no reason why it would/should affect theirs.

John 13 :1

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