Saturday, 9 October 2010

Why We Live

The lyrics from RPM's song, Why We Live, Verse 1:

Listen close to what i'm saying, it's important you listen.
Church of God its time to wake up to the things that we're missing.
Causally Praying that we wanna live like Jesus did,
Open our eyes and let us see with a heart like his.
So now we can't react the same when we turn on the news.
Can't let it just wash over us, we gotta learn from it too.
We were called to clothe the hungry and feed the poor,
I want blessing but someone always needs it more.
The same twenty pounds I spend putting food in my mouth,
In the third world could put a brand new roof on a house.
And yeah, we can't all fly around the globe i know,
But we were called to reach the world outside our comfort zone.
I'm willing to pay the price because souls are expensive.
While we're living in a time of political correctness,
let's stop apologizing like our message is offensive.
People die and go to hell i think we really need to get this.
This ain't a dress rehearsal now, this isn't pretend
It's time to stop being dominated by decisions of men.
Cos we were called to be the fishers of men,
and Jesus died so we'd never be referred to as the victims again.
I'm determined to make a change cause he says that i can.
This is my generation so i'm taking a stand.
I push aside common sense this is straight from my heart.
God i refuse to leave this earth without making a mark for you.

This is why we live

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  1. "...I'm sick of Christian Music being banned from Radio one!"
    Amen - considering most Christian music is now better than secular music. It's more inspired and melodic. It's full of hope for starving souls.
    I think on top of this God needs to change hearts, like God changed Saul's heart in 1 Sam 10 v 9. I share the Gospel with my friends but they don't seem interested.