Thursday, 18 November 2010

I Can't Explain.... passionate and committed I am to building the biggest and the most powerful youth group to have ever existed on this earth!

I am gonna try explain though. Every single young person that lives in Bracknell and that comes to the Kerith does so because that is they way that God has planned it! Check out Acts 17:26 - Its strange to think that God has that much control over everything but to be honest it is stranger for me to think that God doesnt have control, otherwise he wouldnt be God. In a way it is strangely comforting. This verse tells me that I have a purpose and a reason for being at the Kerith and any young person that walks through the door also has a purpose and has walked through that door because God has said it will be so!

Now that I know that God has me here for a reason I feel empowered, excited and hungry to discover what he has instore for me. I think for me it is to rise up a generation of world changers who will be radical with their love, who will be passion about holiness and who will be deeply in love with their creator.

I am so fired up to see our youth group continue to grow both, numerically and spiritually!I want miracles to become a regular thing in the lives of young people, I want to see 1000 young people inside the Kerith on a weekly basis, I want young people to be in a real and satisfying relationship with God and I want to see young people gathering round their friends houses, not to get drunk but to pray and read their Bibles!

For the next season in my life I am comitted to this! I dont know how long that season is but as long as God has me here I will give every breath to making this dream become reality.


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  2. Liam,
    It's great you are so passionate about the Kerith youth mate! When I was a youth at what is now known as Kerith, many years ago, we had about 30 or 40 people in the group and we met in a cold 1960s building. Sometimes I've wished I could have been part of today's amazing crowd of people. But then God stopped me and reminded me that I was born for such a time as this. He reminded me that I was part of the generation that helped raise money for the
    Kerith Centre and K2. That's why I really love to see place so full of people and to see the next generation playing their part in what God has planned.
    God bless you and the Kerith Youth.