Monday, 9 May 2011


Will you spend your time:

Facing your fears or simply being afraid
Face your insecurities or letting them ruin your life
Raising money for project 125 or just spending all of yours
Arguing with teachers or actually listen to them
Respecting life leaders or just ignoring them
Texting on your phone during a preach or using your phone to take notes.
Saying thank you or moaning
Chasing romantic relationships or chasing a relationship with God
With God or without him
Changing the bad things in your life or just moaning about the bad things in your life
Serving this church or demanding that this church serves you
On facebook or actually having proper conversations
Listening to your parents or arguing with them
Thinking only about the benefits for you or thinking about the benefit for others
Being influenced by the world or influencing the world to be better and greater.
Focusing on school work or focusing on avoiding work
Taking opportunities that are given to you or just shy away and hope no one notices you
Demonstrating love to all people or demanding that people just demonstrate their love to you
Bullying people over form spring, facebook or actually encourage people
Trying to live the lifestyle God asks of you or trying to convince God that you lifestyle is best
Doing life your way or doing life Gods way
Listening to how much God loves you or striving for the love of people around you
Trying exciting new things that challenge you or just staying safe an comfortable where you are
By actually stopping smoking or just pretend that you will do it the future
Becoming bitter about your past or becoming better by learning from your past
Wearing a mask and just pretending that everything is great or are you gonna find people you trust and get real
Expecting everyone around you to organise you or getting yourself organised
Praying for the impossible to be made possible or just not trying because your afraid of the outcome
Trying to eat a balanced diet or just eating McDonald everyday and then acting surprised when you get fat.
Believing that you can do everything on your own or realising that you need as much help as you can get
Thinking that your God and you know best or trusting in the one true God and humbly asking for his wisdom
Checking your actions and motives or just saying live a little!
Working hard to achieve your dreams or just expecting usher to see you on YouTube
Learning from mistakes or just repeating them and hoping for a different outcome ( definition of insanity)
Getting angry at everything or learning how to control your anger
Getting drunk or learning to enjoy life without the need of anything (we knew this as children but we lose it as we grow)
Stressed out or chilled out
Hating or loving

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